“To see the curiosity on the guests’ faces gave me such a warm satisfying feeling”

Low-Fi's Host of the Month in March is Melanie Hau. Melanie just hosted her first concert, and we asked her some questions before and after the concert. Hint: it was a success!
“To see the curiosity on the guests’ faces gave me such a warm satisfying feeling”

Our March Host of the Month is Melanie Hau, who is behind the host profile Casa Moana 1. Melanie just hosted her first Low-Fi concert, and we asked her some questions before and after the concert. Hint: it was a success!

Melanie is originally from New Zealand and has been living in Hässelby in Stockholm since 2001. She lives together with her partner Alberto, their five children and their fluffy cat Missifoo. When Melanie discovered Low-Fi it was a welcomed vision: “I was looking for something, something to connect me more to music”. So she didn’t hesitate to sign up as a host. The new role would bring exciting new music experiences into her life, and she also loves how she can support independent artists and their passion.

Last Sunday, March 27th, Melanie hosted her first concert with the singer-songwriter and pop artist Hildur Höglind. Prior to the concert, we asked Melanie about her hopes and expectations of the concert.

Melanie at her first Low-Fi concert in her home.

My host style is simply to be myself

“I’m very excited about my first concert on Sunday. I have hosted many small scale social events before and would say that my host style is simply to be myself, which is a positive, energetic, sociable, warm and welcoming person. I get pleasure and satisfaction from entertaining people with good food, wine and entertainment which normally includes music. This time it’s going to be extra special, as the music is going to be live and in my home. What a treat!”

For Melanie, it is important that her guests feel welcomed and comfortable in her home. “From the moment my guests enter the door I want them to feel like it was the right decision to buy a ticket and come to this concert. I want them to have a feeling of experiencing something different and something that makes them happy, when they sit with a drink in hand listening to some beautiful music whilst looking out over lake Mälaren.”

Delivered flyers to 200 homes 

When Melanie is asked how she prepared and promoted the concert she told us that she is a bit of a mad organiser so she put a lot of effort into marketing the concert. One of the things she did was print flyers which she then delivered to 200 homes in Hässelby, not only once but twice. She also used social media to get the message out, which included creating Facebook-, Messenger- and WhatsApp groups. At home, she together with her family, designed, built and painted a bar, rearranged the furniture and brought flowers, drinks and snacks to welcome guests.

Melanie adds that the two artists that are coming from Denmark to perform on her next planned concert are going to be staying with them, and that will require a bit more effort from her side in planning and organizing: “Of course I don’t think any future host needs to go to this extent, but this is just what I like to do. It gives me joy.”

Melanie’s living room before the concert.

How did the concert go?

After the concert, we were curious to hear about Melanie’s hosting experience. “In the beginning, it was a bit stressful trying to be in more places than one, for instance greeting guests and also helping at the bar I had organised. At the same time, it was all worth it in so many ways. To see the curiosity on the guests’ faces as they stepped into my hallway, cautious but ever so curious, was so much fun. To see them purchase a glass of wine, get seated and start mingling with the other guests gave me such a warm satisfying feeling inside.”

The concert was close to sold out, with 28 out of 30 tickets sold. Melanie says she was pleased to discover that eight of her neighbours had purchased tickets thanks to the flyers she delivered. When asking Melanie how she thinks the guests experienced the concert, she replied “I don’t need to think, I know they all really enjoyed it as everyone was sharing very positive comments. Everyone seemed to have really enjoyed themselves and were very grateful to me for arranging everything. I even received an email from a neighbour who said the afternoon really exceeded his expectations.”

Melanie’s living room before the concert.

Hildur blew everyone away

For Melanie, the experience of having the artist Hildur Höglind perform in her home exceeded her own expectations: “I think she blew everyone away with her moving performance. I loved her music and so did many others, even a few tears were shed by her moving lyrics. To see her get the whole crowd singing along with her was an extra special treat.”

Finally, Melanie has some advice for new hosts arranging their first concert. “First, if you choose to offer drinks and snacks for sale, consider offering self-service and write on the concert page that you will have items for sale. Secondly, don’t forget yourself and your family when you do the seating.”

Melanie has two more concerts planned for the spring. One with the Italian/Polish duo Claudio Suriano & Sebastian Zawadzki, and the other with the Senegalese kora player Lamine Cissokho.

Do you want to attend a concert at Melanie’s house? Visit her host profile Casa Moana 1 and explore her upcoming concerts.

by Ebba Blomberg
March 31, 2022