To the kindness of strangers

As this new, shiny year is gently getting underway, I have been thinking about the last couple of years gone by. - A letter from Low-Fi's founder, Anne Dvinge.
To the kindness of strangers

It’s no secret that the last two years have been challenging for Low-Fi and anyone who loves, lives for and works with live music. Keeping Low-Fi financially afloat and the Low-Fi team strong has been the hardest thing Stine and I have ever done.

We’re still here!

The fact that we are still here makes me so very proud! And not only that, but in both 2020 and 2021 we have come out of every single lockdown with amazing results, with more than 560 concerts held since the first reopening in June 2020 – and we have launched in Sweden!

But underlying all of these proud moments is what makes me more proud than anything, and most of all grateful: YOU – the community of artists, hosts and guests that is Low-Fi.

And even in the pouring rain, people showed up to enjoy some music together. A sold out street session with the artist Mendoza in June 2020 when we still lived with strict COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark. // Photo by Lukas Bukoven

Through these last two years you have been incredible.

You have been super patient with the Low-Fi team as we have tried to navigate through the various rules and restrictions. Hosts and artists have kept on creating concerts, moving them when in lockdown (sometimes more than once) and ticket holders have been so patient and generous, holding on to tickets.

Going to a Low-Fi concert is my grounding

And you have kept coming together in living rooms, gardens and other unconventional spaces to listen to music and meet each other.

I often say that whenever I struggle with believing in myself and this crazy idea of mine, all I need to do is host or attend a Low-Fi concert. There really isn’t anything quite like it and everything about it just makes sense 🙂

Where Did Nora Go, performed in Anne’s living room in november 2021. // Photo by Chris Milne

My other secret remedy for doubt, is to go read the reviews you write to one another after each concert. The one word that sticks with me here is simply: Kindness.

When you open your homes, when you enter the home of others, when you meet with music as the common denominator – you treat each other with such an abundance of kindness that it truly restores my faith in humanity and makes me so proud that we are creating this together.

What we have built here reaches far beyond me, the team and Low-Fi. The kindness between strangers, the shared moments of presence and the connections made create ripples upon ripples… 

Thank you!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being part of this journey… Here’s to a 2022 filled with music and kindness.


– Anne

by Anne Dvinge
February 3, 2022