Discover: Latest releases by Low-Fi artists

Our Low-Fi artists are constantly creating and releasing new music, so we will curate every month new releases from musicians on our platform.
Discover: Latest releases by Low-Fi artists

Our Low-Fi artists are constantly creating, writing and releasing new music, so we made this playlist where we curate every month new releases from musicians on our platform.

Here are the latest releases available as a playlist on Spotify (last updated February 25th, 2022)

Søren Manscher – Vi Samles I Lergravsparken

Being one of our most prolific artist on Low-Fi in terms of played concert, Søren Manscher is also regularly releasing new music, including his newest poppy and ready-for-spring single “Vi Samler I Lergravsparken”.

Su Andersson & Naiika Sings – Echoes

After having spent the past two years touring and playing her “Train Stories” album, the Gothenburg-based Su Andersson is transporting her guitar and americana towards a soulful and electric path with her new single “Echoes” featuring Naiika Sings.

Ben Reel – Isolation Blues

Ben Reel is throwing is country & blues ballads like there is no tomorrow – nor any yesterdays. Anchored in the tradition of folk-country songs, “Isolation Blues” is delivering what Reel can do best.

Ida Gratte – Bara en gång till

In the lineage of the many talented of young delicate pop female voices coming from Sweden, Ida Gratte has made a name for herself with her first album “Visor inga ord” in the late 2021.

James Walker & DJ San – Revery

Generally more often heard on the acoustic and slow side of songwriting, James Walker is this time lending his voice to the upbeat production of DJ San, which gives us a sensitive electronic journey on this “Revery”.

Frederik Cornelius – My Favourite Wine (My Valentine)

In a very gentle slow-dance pop song, Frederik Cornelius is courting us with tenderness and cheekiness, half-cutie, half-playee. “My Favourite Wine” will find a spot in your Jack Johnson’s inspired playlists.

Lily Arbor – Be Mine

True to their colours and style, the Swedish pop-folk duo Lily Arbor released their new single “Be Mine”. Folksy and poppy, Lily Arbor is refining their vision of the perfect pop song.

Glenn Udéhn & Love Antell – Åren går med teven på

With this new upbeat and rock single, Glenn Udéhn is playing with rhythm and contrast, slowing down the tempo to be able to speed up on the next measure. There’s a refreshing blow of youth in Glenn Udéhn, that is more than welcome in these times.

Shadi G – That Kind

There are loops of modern and retro sounds that Shadi G piles up and remodels while her silky voice is embracing her r’n’b tempo. “That Kind” is hypnotizing and tantalizing all the while so easily enjoyable.

Søren Kristiansen & Thomas Fønnesbæk – Soft Winds

Behind the project The Touch, there are two jazz virtuosi with the pianist Søren Kristiansen and bassist Thomas Fønnesbæk who paired up to play classics from Oscar Peterson and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen for a talent-filled first album.

Red Gazelle Trio – Stargazing

Kristoffer Veslev and Peter Price are two jazz musicians, also part of Red Gazelle Trio, and who are performing on Low-Fi as a duo. With modern jazz roots, Veslev & Price are distilling their singular eclecticism on their new single “Stargazing”.

KMC – Mestský Pustovník

KMC, atmospheric musician from Slovakia residing in Denmark, is within this fairly new scene of ambient acoustic pop de chambre, where loudness resonates, while voices fade away. On her newest single “Mestský Pustovník”, KMC makes us pause. Pause and wonder.

everBear – The Secret Life of Trees

Behind the moniker everBear is the singer-songwriter Mathias Baadsgaard, who found his folk and acoustic inspiration in Dublin before coming back to Denmark. His new EP “The Secret Life of Trees” is a great storytelling feat that will accompany us this winter.

Niah Steiner & Henford – Sinking

With the producer Henford, the Danish-Italian artist Niah Steiner is delivering a soulful electronic track with “Sinking”. With rhythm and slow power, there are here echos of Jorja Smith and nü-r’n’b.

Hildur Höglind & Hildur Ottilia – Glamour

The new single of Hildur Höglind & Hildur Ottilia is in line with what pristine Swedish pop has been offering for the past years, upbeat and irresistible loops associated with glaring and fine melodies.

The Parity Complex – Gimme a Break

Pop-rock quintet from Gothenburg, The Parity Complex is delivering its contained rage and youth angst in a form of electro-rock emo power. With “Gimme a Break” they want you to dance contemplatively, loosely, furiously.

Jade Ell & Lasse Matthiessen – Whisper

Semi-acoustic but paraded with a few ornaments, the vocal harmonies on “Whisper” from Jade Ell and Lasse Matthiessen gets to you. The strength, the earthiness and eventually the fullness of it.

Peter Åberg – Flyga

It’s with proudness and confidence that Peter Åberg introduces himself on “Flyga”, yet very fast, his flowing voice and the largeness of his tone fills the space and makes you appreciate the journey he’s taking you on.

Ensamheten – Vildängel

With a heavy influence from folk-rock americana, the Swedish band Ensamheten is taking you by the arm and lifts you, makes you sing, and gets you out of whatever mood you were in.

Francesco Rista & Eroes – It’s Not so Far

Francesco Rista plays classical and electric guitar, but takes its formal use to different and varied forms, such as on the electronica track “It’s Not so Far” with the producer Eroes, where remains of Four Tet can be heard.

Emil Duvier – Selfish People

Acoustic and raw on its edges, the music of the Copenhagen-based artist Emil Duvier, draws his influences from folk, indie and electronica, in an hypnotising odd but soothing blend.

Paula Noel – El Mar

Slow and warm, the music of Paula Noel is diffuse and takes its time, building up an atmosphere of spirituous harmony. Between jazz and soul, “El Mar” lingers towards samba and encanto.

Kristian Wiik – Det är dags att ge sig av

Singer-songwriter from Bandhagen, Kristian Wiik is giving us mesmerizing folk loops, waves of deep and medium tones, multiplying himself, reducing the layers to essential soulful grasps.

Rotas – Bernie

Jazz quator from Gothenburg, Rotas is classical in its setup, yet playful in its format. There are obvious hommages to Coltrane and other giants, and the four musicians manages to get their own personal touches to jazz canons.

Asger Techau – Shutter

For his third solo album, Asger Techau is pushing his sound one step further towards an upbeat pop-rock coating with sharp guitars and echoed deep voice. Dancy and speedy, “Shutter” is a great feature for your cruising playlists.

AZADEH – Memory Lane

AZADEH has composed the sound design of the play “Syren Hawaii Undulat” that was featured in Kolding Teater in October 2021. From that soundtrack can be found the luminous and elegant pop “Memory Lane”.

Claudio Suriano & Gianluca Aceto – Calls

Italian composer Claudio Suriano lives in Denmark and his new single “Calls” blends guitar zaps, jazz fizz and instrumental detours in a short but intense burst.

Kasper Buch – I’ll Walk You Through The Storm

Active member of Low-Fi, and on DK tour in the spring of 2021, the singer-songwriter Kasper Buch gets his influences from pop-folk and americana that transpires in his new single.

Colourshop – Northern Lights

Another of our well-toured artist at Low-Fi is british songwriter Colourshop, who draws his compositions from silkier and folk heritage from Damien Rice to Jack Johnson.

Anker – Ubetydelig Eksitens

Singing in Danish with his acoustic guitar and light production, Anker‘s new song is engaging yet strongly introspective. Rhythm and intensity on “Ubetydelig Ekistens” varies and dances in a breezed ballad.

Jordan Jackson – Thank you Body

Copenhagen-based Jordan Jackson delivers a strong R&B-influenced vocal, supported by energetic drums and heavy synths on her new single “Thank you Body”

idaBjörg – Clearing

With a strong sense for melodies and harmony, the experienced live musician idaBjörg‘s new song “Clearing” features an excellent organic soundscape and wonderful production. The feels warm and gets you hooked from the first beat.

Tilde – Say That our Love

Swedish singer Tilde, brings her own special flavour of soul that warms the heart. With her new single “Say That Our Love” Tilde brings a western american sound and draws powerful inspirations from artists like Lana Del Rey.

Sebastian Zawadzki – Viridian

Copenhagen based pianist, composer and producer from polamnd Sebastian Zawadzki delivers a complex and emotional work on his new release viridan. The composition is light, floating and incredibly beautiful.

Ekkvartetten – Affix

The modern jazz ensemble Ekkvartetten from Gothenburg in Sweden publishes new song “Affix” which has a delicious groove blending the reharmonizations from neo-soul with Scandinavian melancholic melodies.

by Kristoffe Biglete
February 25, 2022