Low-Fi Backstage with Victor Aage

For this episode of Low-Fi Backstage, we sat down with Victor Aage, a young Danish pop artist whose music is a rich combination of deep emotions, catchy pop hooks, and thoughtful lyrics. Victor draws on a wide range of inspirations to create a complete musical journey, exploring everything from neglected love to the challenges of quiet existence. His music is deeply sensitive yet relatable, taking listeners on a journey through emotions with pop hooks and sharp lyrics. Join us as we learn more about Victor's musical universe, his inspirations and his journey as an artist.
Low-Fi Backstage with Victor Aage

Music has always been a big part of Victor’s life. “I clearly remember my dad introducing me to Bob Dylan, The Beatles and many others. He made sure that I knew the value of music and its connection to our emotions,” he shares. Great portion of Victor’s early years took place in the US which made him very connected to American music culture.

My most important inspiration has always been having an emotional connection to music,” Victor mentions. After experimenting with different genres he discovered that his music is most powerful when it comes from a place of deep emotional connection. He sources great inspiration from different cultures and traditions including salsa or flamenco. Artists who Victor considers a great help in shaping him into the artist he is today are Jeff Buckley, Elvis Presley “… and of course Paul McCartney.

Victor Aage

In his music the artist focuses on creating a safe space for his audience. “I wish to connect with the audience, on the same deeper level as I do with music.” Victor points out. He also wishes for his music to be perceived on multiple levels and to tell stories.

Victor Aage

As his biggest musical achievement Victor considers his involvement in the Kriatura Festival, a flamenco festival in Jerez de la Frontera, in October of 2022. “I was invited to spend a month in the south of Spain. I was playing my own songs during the festival, meeting a ton of people and learning a lot about their culture and music,“ he remembers. He even got the chance to perform live accompanied by a group of dancers at the theater Villa Marta.

Victor strives to be able to devote his life solely to his music, writing songs and playing concerts. He wishes to share his work with as many people throughout Europe and the rest of the world as possible.

Low-Fi was introduced to Victor by some of his friends and he was happy to join. He enjoys having concerts in a more intimate setting. “It can be very special to share such an experience with just a few people up close,” he adds.

Victor’s passion for music shines through in every aspect of his life. From his childhood memories of listening to Bob Dylan with his father to his recent performance at the Kriatura Festival in Spain. His dedication to creating a safe space for his audience and connecting with them on a deeper level is truly admirable. As he continues to pursue his dream of devoting his life to music, we look forward to seeing where his journey takes him.

by Valentýna Jonášová
April 20, 2023