Low-Fi Backstage with Tomas Høffding

Presenting the world of Tomas Høffding. He is known for his roles as the falsetto equilibrist and hard-swinging disco bassist of WhoMadeWho. Tomas has a unique ability to blend intimate and personal songwriting with his vast experience in international club music, creating a sound that is both emotive and electrifying. In this episode of Low-Fi Backstage we explore his roots, inspirations, and various steps in his career, shedding light on the multifaceted musician and his journey as a solo artist.
Low-Fi Backstage with Tomas Høffding

Tomas was exposed to music from a young age as there was a strong old school Danish folk music community in his hometown, Roskilde. First instrument he picked up was harmonica. He got hooked very fast and practiced for hours every day. Later he also started playing the guitar. He started practicing old rock songs from artists like David Bowie or Led Zeppelin.

I made music for many years until I met the guys from WhoMadeWho and my musical world exploded in electronic music which was extremely inspiring to me.” Tomas says. Since then he has been equally pursuing the electronic and old rock music sphere. “I am somewhere in between and am trying to use it as a strength that I am both.” he shares.

Tomas Høffding at a Low-Fi concert

In the beginning Tomas was very keen on not listening to Danish music. He thought that he can only get inspiration from world music. But as he decided to write songs in Danish for his solo project, he started to get influenced by Danish production. Tomas admits that he listens to and gets inspired by all kinds of music. “Basically I listen to music that can make me cry that means a lot to me,“ he reveals.

Tomas has his aim as a solo artist very clearly defined. Knowing where he belongs and how he wants to contribute to the world has grown important to him. “Before I just wanted a radio hit, and now I have the luxury of allowing myself to think a lot about what I am giving to the world. Why do I do what I do and why should people listen to me.” With his music he is continuously creating a mellow space for people to express their feelings and emotions. His performance and honest lyrics are about ordinary people, so anyone can relate. 

Tomas Høffding and Maria Køhnke at a Low-Fi concert

Over the years Tomas has collected many great memories. “I had the luck to play at the Roskilde Festival on the main stage during the main time with thousands of people going crazy,” he remembers. “But I think some of the Low-Fi concerts in the past few years are some of my favorites as well.” He describes the moments at his Low-Fi concerts as fresh and new. He loves how extremely close he can get to people when performing in their living room. “It opens up a new palette of ways to do music.” Tomas mentions.

He also fondly remembers his first big show with a full band in Hotel Cecil in 2021. “The show sold out and I had a lot of dreams about how my music would perform live. With both the emotional part when people feel themselves and cry but also the electronic part when people are dancing like crazy. And people did both. It was beautiful and I was so fulfilled.“ Tomas recalls. 

This week Tomas has started his current tour. It will climax with his show in VEGA, one of Copenhagen’s most popular music venues, on Saturday, 18th March 2023.

Tomas found Low-Fi online through advertisement and was very excited to join the community. Low-Fi has been an important factor for his solo project. This concept is an opportunity for him to play small one-offs in between his big band shows. “It is so far away from big international tours which I do with WhoMadeWho. It is the exact opposite and it is so close to people and it is so personal and intimate. I think it is a great concept.” he concludes. 

Tomas Hoffding’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. His ability to seamlessly blend various genres and create music that speaks to people on a personal level is a testament to his talent and dedication. As Tomas continues to share his music with the world, we look forward to witnessing his success in the music industry.

by Valentýna Jonášová
March 16, 2023