Low-Fi Backstage with Marie Askehave

Join us for the newest episode of Low-Fi Backstage featuring Danish actress and jazz singer, Marie Askehave. Experience Marie's exceptional improvisational skills as she takes the audience on a fun, moving, and unique musical journey. From traditional jazz standards to her own non-traditional interpretations of well-known songs, Marie's performance is sure to leave a lasting impression. Sit back and enjoy the magic of Marie Askehave in this episode of Low-Fi Backstage.
Low-Fi Backstage with Marie Askehave

Marie grew up in a home with unlimited access to music and musical instruments. “We had guitars, bass, drums and a piano, so we could play as much as we wanted. We had our own “home band”. Both my brothers were playing in an actual band. And if I was lucky, they let me sing a song, when they had a gig,” she remembers. Thanks to her family’s love for music, Marie was exposed to different genres from a young age which helped her to shape into the artist she is today.

Later she joined the Danish National School of Theater in Copenhagen where singing was a part of the education. “I was so fortunate to have the pianist Steve Howe as my teacher. ” He taught her how to sing jazz and he helped her to feel safe and to grow throughout her education. “He helped a lot of new talents. Steve Howe was the best “birth attendant” you could ever wish for, if you wanted to play gigs.” Marie shares.

Marie Askehave, credit: ‘Versailles 3’ BBC

Marie grew into a very talented artist with many successes assigned to her name. One of her proudest accomplishments is the release of her own jazz album – Detour in 2007. “I did everything myself, and it paid itself back double. Sometimes I just sit down and listen to it. At first I feel a bit funny listening to myself, but then I get proud,“ she affirms.  Marie was also a part of the staging of Theater Concert Gasolin. This unique performance is another amazing project Marie is proud to be a part of.

Marie Askehave performing at Bådklubben at Wiltersplads in Copenhagen

Karsten Kjems was the one who showed Marie Askehave the magic of Low-Fi Concerts. “He invited me to one of his concerts, and I was blown away! It was a very intense experience. I simply love the concept!” she concludes. 

Marie Askehave’s story highlights the importance of early exposure to different genres of music and the influence of talented mentors. Her passion for music has led her to create exceptional jazz performances that captivate audiences. Whether acting on stage or performing as a soloist, Marie has left a mark on the world of Danish entertainment.

by Valentýna Jonášová
April 27, 2023