Low-Fi Backstage with Maria Bundgard

In the latest episode of Low-Fi Backstage, we meet Maria Bundgard, a Danish pianist and writer now living in Paris. With her expertise in Eastern European romantic piano music and French impressionist composers, Maria offers intimate musical experience that transports the audience through time and space. Join us as we delve into the world of this talented musician, and discover the stories behind her emotive performances.
Low-Fi Backstage with Maria Bundgard

Maria owes her musical roots to her mother’s Slavic background. Her mother comes from a pre-war noble Polish family, where a musical education was a standard. “I started very late though: my parents bought a piano when I was already 10 years old, but with Slavic work discipline I learned fast and won the Danish Steinway Piano Festival 4 years later,” Maria mentions.

Maria describes herself as an intimist. A Parisian piano seller once gave her that name as she was trying some grand pianos in the store. “The seller was intrigued by me and asked me if I was famous. ‘No!’, I answered, ‘I record CDs and write books, quite on my own’. ‘Ah!’ She answered, smiling. ‘You are an intimist!’ ” Maria tells the story.

The artist resonates with this description on many levels, she admits. “I work in intimacy with the piano, I try to play in an honest and direct way from my heart to others, as well as in life in general.” she shares. Also her books that accompany each of her CDs are dedicated to the search of a sacred intimacy in the meeting  between art and humans.

Maria Bundgard by Henrik Adamsen
Maria Bundgard by Henrik Adamsen

Child of many cultures, Maria has traveled Europe to explore what the world has to offer. Although she can be proud of her acceptance to great musical schools like The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen and Fryderyk Chopin University in Warsaw, she still struggled to fit in along the way. “I was too dramatic and Slavic in Denmark, too cold and Scandinavian in Poland,” she describes.

Almost ten years ago Maria decided to try her luck in Paris. She followed the teachings of the great concert pianist Eugen Indjic. Maria also wanted to free herself from all cultural and musical streams to find her own way of expressing herself through music. Following this journey, she recorded 3 CDs and wrote three books to tell her story from behind the scenes. “This year, I will record my 4th CD. I have also won artistic residency in Rome to finish my next book about synchronization through resonance.” she reveals.

Maria Bundgard by Ulrik Christiansen

At the end of her studies Maria was searching for concert venues to perform at. During this search she came across piano recitals held at Casa de Kjems. “That was the beginning of years of friendship and concerts in Karsten Kjems’ beautiful home. I absolutely love the format of exclusive intimate concerts as proposed by Low-Fi. It is my preferred concert form!” Maria concludes.

Maria Bundgard‘s journey as a pianist and writer has been one of searching for intimacy and authenticity in her music. Through her music and books, she strives to bridge the gap between art and humanity. Through her collaboration with Low-Fi and exclusive intimate concerts, she continues to share her stories and connect with audiences in a unique way. Maria’s passion for her craft is truly inspiring. Her music is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens.

by Valentýna Jonášová
May 16, 2023