Want to set up a concert partnership with Low-Fi?

Low-Fi partnered with the grassroots movement Hej Søster and Copenhagen Songwriters’ Festival for a series of concerts. We loved doing these collaborations, and would love to do more.
Want to set up a concert partnership with Low-Fi?

Photo credits: Where Did Nora Go? by Chris Milne

In the summer of 2021, Low-Fi partnered with the grassroots movement Hej Søster and the city festival Copenhagen Songwriters’ Festival to co-present a series of concerts. 

We loved doing these collaborations, and would love to do more. Do you know any great festivals, music organizations, or anything else we should partner with (or do you want to pitch your own project)? Let us know! 


Hej Søster is a grassroots movement started by Danish songwriter and pop artist Fallulah. It started with a playlist consisting of music by Danish female, non-binary and trans artists, and quickly grew into a podcast and a recurring one day festival at the Copenhagen music venue Vega. In September, after delays due to Covid-19, Hej Søster finally returned to Vega in Copenhagen with a celebration of female+ artists. Low-Fi collaborated with Hej Søster to make a concert series taking place in the homes and gardens of the Low-Fi host community around the country leading up to the big celebration at Vega. Fallulah, the woman behind Hej Søster, who’s also an amazing artist herself, curated the line-up based on an open call, and out of over 100 applicants, we ended up with five great artists and concerts: 

Raymonde Gaunoux @ Greencubator

Personal, vulnerable, queer and inviting songs, that document a journey through gender transition, grief, trust, hope, love and healing from numerous perspectives.

Where Did Nora Go @ Senecas Salon

Passionate composer, vocalist and cellist, spellbinding the audience with her alluring voice and transcending compositions. 

SHIE SAID @ Buus og Helk

Two voices and two acoustic guitars in beautiful harmony and disharmony.

Azadeh @ Anne’s living room

Dense, poetic, prismatic synth scapes with voice floating like a clean sheet on top. 

Phosphor Kid @ Sondrup Strand

Laid back synth pop that sounds like a sunset over the city and a car radio on an American highway. 

At the Hej Søster Fest at Vega there were performances by Oh Land, Lydmor, Kwamie Liv, Fvn, Girlcrush, Ravi Kuma, Kara Moon, and Espichicoque. 

We fully support Fallulah’s quest to highlight and showcase more female+ music talent, and we look forward to hopefully joining more Hej Søster concerts in the future. 

You can read more about Hej Søster here, find the playlist that started it all here, and listen to the Hej Søster podcast here



Low-Fi also teamed up with the songwriters over at Copenhagen Songwriters’ Festival to co-present the 2021 edition of the festival. Usually taking place at the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen, this year the festival wanted to try something new, so we decided to spread the festival concerts around Denmark and Sweden, swapping the city stage for the homes and gardens of Low-Fi hosts. 

The festival curated the line-up, and Low-Fi matched the selected artists with hosts from our community. Among the performers were Alexia Chambi, Impossible Memory, The Victim, Cecilie Glenthøj, Clara Birch, Sabina Högdahl, Den Dybere Mening, Thaks Ali, He is Tall, Astonishment/Thomas Eltorp, and Jonas Hammer. 

True to tradition, the festival ended with a songwriter event at Onkel Dannys Plads in Copenhagen. 

You can find more information about Copenhagen Songwriters’ Festival here

by Laura Nyhus Kaae
November 26, 2021