Artist of the month: SHIE SAID

SHIE SAID is the artist of the month at Low-Fi concerts. We've asked them a few questions.
Artist of the month: SHIE SAID

The artist of the month is the duo SHIE SAID. The duo consists of Ida Vermehren and Sofie McQueen. SHIE SAID has a simple setup – two acoustic guitars and two voices! The music is especially suitable for intimate concerts, where the audience just has to sit and listen and get carried away. We have asked the duo a few questions.

Present and tell about yourself and your act. Who are you?

SHIE SAID is a female duo, which consist of two voices and two acoustic Spanish guitars. We have played together since 2019. SHIE SAID creates music based on the things we experience in everyday life. We love to make unusual harmonies with our voices and guitars that challenge our listeners and maybe provoke them a little. SHIE SAID is difficult to label with a genre, but we like to call it easy listening meets avant-garde.

Briefly describe your journey as an act

As an act, we have played a lot of SHIE SAID concerts and have written about 17 songs that we play live. We sent out our debut EP in 2020 which is called “Coats and Wool.” In June 2021 we send out our newest single “No Normal.”

Why did you choose to become an Artist on Low-Fi?

We heard about Low-Fi through a friend and thought it might be a perfect way for us to present our music to new people. We also think that our style and music go very well with the cozy intimate setting in a living room where you among others can meet and greet afterwards.

What is special about playing a Low-Fi concert as opposed to a “regular” concert?

A Low-Fi concert is one of the most intimate concert forms you can play. And we love that. The fact that the audience is coming directly from work or school
and place themselves on a couch, a chair, or on the floor and just listen to something they have never heard before with an open mind is something that we appreciate. At a normal concert with a stage that is lifted from where the audience is sitting or standing creates a boundary, which of cause is not necessary a bad thing, but this connection that you get as an artist at a Low-Fi concert is so special and a rare thing.

Do you have any tips and advice for other Low-Fi artists?

Write to a lot of hosts and just keep on doing it, because these concerts are so special and such a nice way to reach an audience that you might not would have been able to reach.

by Mikkel Baadsgaard
December 28, 2021